I’m inspired by the balance, asthetics, color and space of geometrics. Always searching for the rythm that invites the spectator to analyze how each composition interacts as to create a conversation with its surrounding elements and atmosphere.


I play with the deconstruction and abstraction of forms that create void and balance in a specific space and format. My work seeks to give a "raison d’etre"  to geometric shapes and unfilled spaces by bringing life and meaning into their existence through color and composition.


My inspiration comes from observing how man-made elements  clash with the natural enviroment and manage to merge in perfect armony inspite being elements in constant confrontation, starting by its material, color and function itself.

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31 /07/1989 ​

México City

- Lic. Graphic Design  ( 2012 )

 Anáhuac Norte University


Exposición colectiva en MUSEO REGIONAL DE CHOLULA

¨Transdesign y Ornamento semántico¨

Curated by Raymundo Sesma

March 2019 - May 2019


Exposición colectiva con ESPACIO UNION GALERY 

Curated by Isauro Huizar

October 2019 - November 2019  


FAIN CDMX  (Art Fair )  

November 2019 - December 2019


MAROMA Galery (Art Week)

February 7th to 9th  2020

VENTA UNIDOS ( Abríl 29 - Mayo 8 / 2020 )

Archivo Colectivo y A de A (Agencia de Arte)